Be Careful With These Movies, Mane

So I was watching a movie a couple of weeks ago, because like many other people, I use it as a way to decompress and take a break from real life. My movie for the afternoon happened to be "London Has Fallen". It's the sequel to that other 'Has Fallen" movie with the man who speaks out of the side of his mouth (literally, no shade) and Black Father Time himself, Morgan Freeman. Upon starting the movie and realizing that it was, indeed, a sequel there was also another interesting thing that occurred in the beginning of the flick. They're going through the motions, establishing the backstory of the villains, showing them speaking of villain-y things at a family function, when the order was give

Why You Shouldn't Delete Everybody

There is this narrative floating around encouraging people to cut out negative energy and people from their lives. Ideally, it makes a lot of sense. If there are toxic people in your life, it is healthy to protect yourself from negativity. That, I get. The problem I am seeing, however, is the misuse of the narrative. I see more and more people use it as an excuse to justify our tendency to throw others away. It is no secret that the prevalence of social media as a major form of communication has altered our ability to interact with humans in real time. Combine those diminished social skills with the convoluted self-care narrative that may as well translate to "cut out others that don't share

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