A few months ago, I was invited to be one of 12 writers to participate in a project organized by Shaun Kardinal, titled "Forward". Writers for "Forward" were charged to inaugurate one of twelve evolving physical artworks with a written intention. We were provided with 36 postcards on which to gain inspiration and write. Following this, the postcards were then transformed into a sculpture by Shaun with our words lining the inside of the piece. An exhibition was then held with all twelve works, during which time we had the opportunity to read. So of course, I jumped on the opportunity! Below are a couple of my favorite postcards/poems and the sculpture created from them. This and the other 11

Next Time...

I'm aiming for the cover ;-) Put it in print so I know it's real! But in all seriousness and humility, I am GRATEFUL for this opportunity. I can't even fully grasp it, but it is encouraging me to continue along the vein of creation. Shout out to Barry for an amazing and comprehensive piece! He is also a phenomenal artist, so check him out! Let's get it!

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