Don't tell nobody, but...I'll be participating in Center on Contemporary Art's Legacy Auction this fall! If you haven't heard of it, check out CoCA's page to get a lil' more info. Kinda excited! CoCA has been hella supportive, so I'm more than happy to give back to them. Get your tickets HERE to be a part of this unique creative experience! Ok....actually, tell everybody you know!

A lil' poetry with your breakfast?

Pancakes. Eggs. Fruit. Poem. Start your day off right with a delicious poem to go along with your first meal! Catch my poem "Soul Food" featured on Poetry Breakfast's website on October 23rd! I wrote this poem after pondering the emotional connection my people have with soul food, while walking from the grocery store one day. I had seen a lot of condemnation regarding our decision to continue an unhealthy diet despite its adverse health effects. I realized that the criticisms, like most, didn't fully factor in historical and psychological contexts. This poem was my attempt to include those important components into the conversation. If you haven't read "Soul Food" already, check it out on Po

Sneak Peak!

A couple months ago, I wrote out a concept for a short film and photo series revolved around a piece I created for a joint exhibit with the Trill Effect, "For the '99 & the 2000s". (Check out the exhibit HERE!) The stars aligned and I magically had all the pieces I needed to manifest my vision; the completed idea, the videographer, the models, the location were all a go! There were a few hiccups in the final hour, but the project came together and is now in the editing process! I'm super excited to share a sneak peak of the final product! (Stay tuned for the short film, entitled "Royaltee".) Check out the model & photographer details here.

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