I recently had the opportunity to participate in Lit Fix, a quarterly reading and music series, on the 6th. Let me say...preparing for this was a TRIAL! For some reason, I decided to book my flight to Art Basel in Miami for the same night of my reading. Everything was relatively on task that morning; I'd packed, tried on all my trip outfits to make sure I didn't overpack, printed my ticket, and cleaned. All I needed to do was handle a few work-related coordinations, eat, and practice my pieces some more. Then it happened. I got a text from my friend, who was also going to Miami, stating that our Airbnb host cancelled our reservation THE DAY BEFORE WE WERE DUE FOR ARRIVAL! So I spent the majo


A couple months back, I had a flood of creative inspiration and came up with concepts for four different short films. Two of them, I crafted to use in my exhibit scheduled for next summer, "My Bae: America" (stay tuned). The other two were purely for the sake of creation; I had the idea, the connections, and the cash to get them started, so I did. I've already told about one, which you can find the accompanying photo series for here. Here's the one I've kept under wraps! Introducing "Respek"- a short film about the fallacies of respectability politics. (For all those who keep up with rap drama, yes the spelling is a reference to Birdman.) This film, like many of my works, was inspired from a

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