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This year I went back for take two of the CoCA 24-hour marathon & auction... It was such a growing experience! Leading up to the event I had a lot of anxiety around an idea I had for one of the artworks I wanted to create. It was a complicated wood piece that I wanted to paint in a complicated way; I felt incredibly unsure about it because I'm not a painter! The other two pieces would be chapbooks, which I was completely comfortable with, but this wood piece was putting me through it! So thinking back to a session I'd had with my spiritual advisor about vulnerability, I began telling my close friends what I was feeling. Surprisingly, the more I expressed it, the less daunting it felt. Eventu

New Milestone!

I am uber excited! You excited?! Here, have some of my excitement! Why am I so excited? Because, y'all! PROGRESS! I was invited to participate in a large-scale public art project in Bellevue, WA. First off, Bellwether (a 10-day multi-disciplinary art experience) has a stellar line-up of artists! I took a peak at the names of artists who'd be contributing and I am so honored to be a part of this. Second off, this is my first piece of public art! There aren't a huge number of opportunities for writers to participate in public art calls, so when I was asked to write something to re-purpose the old movie marquee in a plaza, I was on it! In the research portion of this project, I learned some int


Some months ago I received an email from one of my favorite local poets, asking if I'd like to participate in a reading at the downtown Seattle Public Library. "Is this a real question? OF COURSE!" was the answer that popped in my head. But I composed myself and sent back a cool "I'd be honored" type reply. (Check out the reading here - I begin 7 minutes in.) Within the line-up of poems, I read some newer pieces from a manuscript connecting Christian folklore and present-day misogyny (stay tuned). After the event a librarian came up to me and gave a book recommendation based off the themes of those poems. That was in April, mind you. I put the title in my notes and recently decided to get th

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