Film. Festival. Shawty.

I am humbled. My short film "Royaltee" was chosen to screen in the Tacoma Film Festival that took place October 4-9 in the "No Time For Dreaming" segment. Get ready for a little story, because there was definitely one involved. So I registered for Landmark forum the same weekend my short would be screening. Once I realized this, I was going to skip the screening since forum runs from 9am to 10pm. However, about a week before the festival I decided I wanted to leave the forum a couple hours early and make the 1 hour drive to the theatre. Sounds like a feasible plan, right? I thought so too. Except I didn't know just how much emotional energy Landmark would require of me. I cried more during t

Everett Poetry Nite!

I made my way back to Everett for a night of poetry at Cafe Zippy. Check it out below ;-) ("Eve" by K. Bright)

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