Year's End

This year was full of progress! A few of the things I highlighted in my newsletter (hop on that email list if you're not already on it!) were: 1. I was selected to be one of 12 Jack Straw Writers and it was amazing! Check out our podcasts or get the anthology from the Jack Straw website. 2. "My Bae: America" was a success! My first solo-curated exhibit went down with minimal complications and heeeeeella planning. If you weren't able to attend, check out some of the captures from the evening and our interview on KUOW here! 3. After a couple rejections, I have received the 2018 GAP Award from Artist Trust! I'll be using the award to fund the promotion of my latest short, "Respek." 4. And last,

A poem for you...

"Mythology" There were these women whose beauty was preceded by their sadness (their sorrows took root) & the world placed all of its weight on them with no remorse (their aching branched) & never turned back to see the women ossify (genesis: weeping willows) (And the tales tell that women only transform through grief So where does that leave you, daughter? What branch of heartache does that leaf you in?)

Reading at Open Books!

I had the opportunity to read at the local Spot-of-Spots (poetry-wise) with my fellow Jack Straw Writers. I have seen some of the most talented poets bless that space and sat in the audience picturing myself reading at the front of that room. So when we initially got the email asking who was interested in reading, my written response was far more calm than my reaction. I was hype! Even more special than the venue, this coincidentally was the last reading I had with my cohort. In addition to reading a piece I'd just written earlier that week, I also got to hear some new pieces and re-works from the other writers. The crowd was receptive. The energy was high. It was magical! (If you ever see m

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