My Bae: America

Kamari Bright invited artists Rohena Khan and Mintwab Zemeadim to reflect on how their experiences and observations have shaped their relationship with America. The multi-media exhibit highlights three vantage points, as unique as they are intersectional, to answer the question "If I were dating America, what would our relationship look like?"


"After having conversations with a friend working as a domestic violence advocate, I couldn’t ignore the parallels between African Americans maltreatment and the markers of domestic abuse. In the last few years, along with the increasingly publicized violence against Black people, there has remained the crazy-making, isolation, physical abuse, controlling behavior, financial disempowerment, blame-placing, and emotional abuse that has been present for generations. The pieces I’ve included show the complexities that form my relationship with this country- the intimacy amidst the violence.”

“America is just as complex to understand when you’re looking inward. Upon months of trying to comprehend everything that symbolizes this sanctuary I call home, I realized I must also showcase our shared crises and voice the unspoken. It really came down to pinpointing everything I love and hate and the qualities I want to see (and I am proud of seeing) in my Bae, America. This is an ode to freedom, a mecca of identity crisis, the elephant in the room of fears of living in brown skin, and truly exploring the depths of mental liberty.”

“I am a creative who uses various mediums for expression. my art serves as a platform for constant reflection on society, politics and culture while centering blackness. Through intentionally crafted layered images and sound, my innovative creations reimagine and challenge reality. The celebration and preservation of culture are essential to my creations.”

Image courtesy of Adwoa Gyimah-Brempong

"Three Seattle artists want to hear more about your relationship status with America. How would you describe it to your friends? (How do you describe it to yourself?)

Kamari Bright, Rohena Khan, and Mintwab Zemeadim are behind a pop-up art exhibit called My Bae: America. They joined Bill Radke in studio and spoke to callers about America-as-#bae, from the happily married to those who are in serious couples counseling."

-KUOW website