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The Trill Effect


In a tucked away secluded studio down a long corridor, visitors found themselves at one of hidden gems of Seattle. Sounds of old school soul and classic hip-hop mingled with glasses of wine, unbridled art, and unapologetic melanin. This was The Trill Effect.

A collaborative effort between emerging creatives Kamari Bright, Blu the Baqi, and A.O. Hamer; The Trill Effect: A Dissection of Dominoes & Dogma was a multi-disciplinary exhibit examining the Black experience from the lens of the three artist. Debuting the short film "Black Coffee" from Bright in conjunction with A Real Grip, paintings from Hamer's Trap Conscious series, and works from Baqi's upcoming book "How to Write a Fire" the show was an incubator for culture and conversation.

Expect more trill things to come from these ladies in 2016.

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