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I'm Going (going) Back (back) to Ghana!

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Ghana to teach art to youth with two other artists. It was everything. All those African Americans who've traveled to Africa then tell everyone else you need to go to the Motherland are telling the truth. We underestimate the impact of being surrounded by a nation of people who look like you, holding every position imaginable. It is powerful, to say the least, for those of us who have been told our people are less than. And although children are inspiring to me in general, the kids in Kasoa, GH were so bright and beautiful that I wished I could stay longer for them. I don't even have the words to describe those youth (which says a lot because writing is kinda my thing). But I did write a poem for them before we left the States:

So now that I've been to Ghana, I've gotta gotta go to the Motherland, fam. I will be returning!

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