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"A Hot Pitchy Mess"

I recently pulled out my trusty dusty iPod as I was in transit to listen to some music along the way. The iPod is by no means up-to-date, so when a song snippet that I'd recorded almost a decade ago played, it was instant nostalgia!

Back in high school, we had to complete a senior project to be able to graduate and mine was about the influence of music on emotion. I created three songs that each had their own "feel", recorded them at the studio of my mentor's old HS friend, played them for any willing participants, then recorded the emotion they identified from the song. Slight work ;-)

Hence how the song "Remember" was recorded. Mind you, I originally wrote the song after watching The Notebook and recorded it at a camp before recording it again for my project.

That first recording was a hot pitchy mess, bruh.

The re-recording came out far better! It could use a lil' polish, but them harmonies were right where they needed to be. I had to give props to my younger self...she did a'ight!

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