A Shift

I am not a full-time artist. Oftentimes as I'm applying for grants, I see that they are looking for whether you're "all in" with your art or not. I would always have the same response to that notion: I can't do that.

I can't be a full-time artist because it's hard to monetize my work (video, poetry, etc)...

I can't be a full-time artist because I wouldn't make enough money to support myself in this expensive city...

I can't be a full-time artist because being a "starving artist" is not A THING. Not happening...

After all the "I can't"s I started realizing that they weren't coming from a place of practicality. They were coming from a feeling of fear, and limiting how much I poured into my works. In my mind, I thought I always needed full-time income to support my art. Last year I was fortunate enough to have a contract that left a lot of freedom in my schedule and energy to create. This year the contract ended and I started applying to jobs, despite some obvious signs that I needed to put more into my art. (Obvious signs as in no job offers, but more art resources and opportunities.) After fighting the signs a little longer, I decided to shift the "I can't"s to "I will"s. So:

I will pursue the art opportunities that come up...

I will put a full-time hustle into making my art succeed and SUPPLEMENT it part-time work if necessary...

I will do in spite of any fears that may arise...

And I will see definite results from my efforts...

No doubt AND Ase.

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