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Exciting News!

So "For the '99 & the 2000s" is fastly approaching and I am so excited! Me and the girls have been planning out detail after detail to make this experience something people will take with them long after they leave. Intentionality has been important to us! In that vein, we decided that we wanted to give back with this show and chose a non-profit that we would donate a portion of our donations and sales to from opening night. And the organization of choice is....

After visiting The People's School in December 2016, I kinda fell in love with it and have been doing what I can to see it continue to thrive since then. So I am equally as excited to be able to make a contribution to the school on behalf of our event! Considering the exhibit will be examining the messaging in media, it was important that we chose an organization that utilized positive messaging. The People's School makes it a point to provide pro-African and pro-woman messaging to its students, and also reinforces community and empowerment within the youth. To learn more about their work or to donate to them directly, visit their website .

See you July 6th!

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