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For the WhatNow & the WhoThere?!

This exhibit.

Look...I learned a lot. It was definitely a bunch of fun and had a great turn-out, but more importantly it started some conversations. (Check the pictures out from the event on the Trill Effect FB page!)

As I was in the planning stages for the opening night, I developed a MAJOR irritation revolved around one thing in particular: THE NAME OF THE EXHIBIT.

Don't get me wrong, I love the title "For the '99 & the 2000s: An Exploration of C.R.E.A.M.". We strategically picked that title to attract the very specific audience who would recognize the reference. My frustration came in with all the people who didn't get the reference f*ckin' up the name. Baaaaybeh! It was ridiculous. I can understand someone swapping out the "nine nine" for "ninety nine" if they've never backed that thang up. But some people struggled as though it weren't written in English.




Cut it out.

I did realize there is a dire need to create art experiences outside of the "white gaze" though. And I mean everything; down to the subject, inspiration, venue, artists, and even the title. (Someone suggested I change the title to make it easier for people to gage what the show was about...which people though?)

Because we should never have to reformat our experiences to make them valid. We just need to tell it how it is, as the old folks say.

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