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What I made in 24 hours...

Let. Me. Tell. Y'all.

The CoCA marathon was definitely a challenge! Staying up for 24 hours (actually more when you factor in transit time) is not something I would have ever thought I'd volunteer to do. I am a 8-hours every night kind of girl, no doubt. So let me start by congratulating myself for making it through! (Girl, we did it!)

Now to the products! After 24-hours, I made three pieces; two paintings and a chapbook. One of the paintings was atrocious (just gonna be honest about that) and the other two were beautiful and went into the auction that was held following the marathon.

At the auction, I had the opportunity to read a couple poems from the book. I LOVE getting to read my work, because it gives me the chance to impart some tone inflection and emotion that may not be gleaned from the words alone. The feedback I received after reading definitely affirmed why I find it important. It blessed my heart to be able to connect with people through my art that night!

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