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I love a good shoutout!

It's kind of surreal to see my name mentioned in newsletters. Join me in celebrating these milestones!


(Excerpt from Center on Contemporary Art's newsletter)

"One of my favorite moments this year was working with a new 24-hr marathon participant, Kamari Bright. A spoken word artist, poet and filmmaker, Kamari created a gorgeous hand-bound and typed solo-edition chap book titled, Legacy.Every year as the sleep-deprived artists near the end of the 24-hr art making marathon, I meet with them to advise on pricing their work for the ensuing auction. Kamari was looking for some help with this and handed me a golden cloth covered book. The binding was immaculate, each fold or staple carefully hidden behind warm white paper. Each poem had been hand typed using a vintage typewriter from this year's auction co-chair, Kalindi Kunis. Kamari explained it was the first book she had ever created like this; her other publications are commercially produced soft covers sold on Amazon for $20 a piece. I randomly opened the book to her poem, Components, and in 15 concise lines she'd won my heart. My eyes welled with emotion as her words filled my mind with memories, unconscious regrets and unrecognized dreams. She was surprised when I suggested a $400 value.

Photos by Rohena Kahn

Lucky for us, she also agreed to read a poem from the chap book prior to starting the bidding. As she read to 150+ lively guests, you could hear a pin drop. The entire room was riveted just like I was in my first private experience with the work. We cheered for an encore and she returned to the stage to share Luna, equally as beautiful and it perfectly reflected the full moon outside and the creative passion inside. Her book of 31 poems quickly sold for $700 to one lucky bidder leaving lots of broken hearts that weren't able to catch it while we had the chance. I'm so proud we could introduce Kamari to so many new fans..."

(Screenshot of an email post from Cornish Playhouse Gallery)


The second feature was less glamorous, but I didn't realize I was one of only three artists featured! Kind of proud of myself!

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