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I recently had the opportunity to participate in Lit Fix, a quarterly reading and music series, on the 6th. Let me say...preparing for this was a TRIAL! For some reason, I decided to book my flight to Art Basel in Miami for the same night of my reading. Everything was relatively on task that morning; I'd packed, tried on all my trip outfits to make sure I didn't overpack, printed my ticket, and cleaned. All I needed to do was handle a few work-related coordinations, eat, and practice my pieces some more.

Then it happened.

I got a text from my friend, who was also going to Miami, stating that our Airbnb host cancelled our reservation THE DAY BEFORE WE WERE DUE FOR ARRIVAL! So I spent the majority of the next few hours looking for alternate rentals, in addition to tying up ends at my job before my vacation. By the time I left to head to the venue, I still hadn't eaten, found another location, OR practiced my pieces!

But fret not, 'cuz it all worked out. I read over the poems during my ride to the venue, grabbed a delicious buffalo mushroom sammich before show time, read my works with no slip-ups, and got confirmed for another rental before I touched down!

By the way, Art Basel was an art oasis and I'm absolutely going again! Here are the names of a few of my favorite pieces:

- ascanio mmm

- Summer Wheat "Keeping Bees"

- Kara Walker "False Face"

- Barthelemy Toguo "Black Lives Matter"

- Rashid Johnson "Untitled Beach Collage"

- MeschacGABA

- Oscar Tuazon "Natural Man"

- Servulo Esmeraldo "Helice"

-David Driskell "Of Thee I Weep"

- Analia Saban (stenciled ink monoprints)

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