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Year 2 is Coming up!

Last year, I realized that it was the first year I had lived my life according to what I wanted to do. It was also, not coincidentally, one of my most productive and fulfilling years. I made moves, y'all! Put in some major work to build the foundation of my art brand, create, grow, and make a place for myself in this city. I ENJOYED 2017 (except for paying taxes...not an enjoyable thing).

This year will be my 2nd year doing life my way, and the theme this time around is "intention". I recognize I can be very laid back and "go with the flow", and I did see the influence of that in 2017. I followed where the opportunities popped up, which wasn't a bad thing because it got me to where I am now. But this year I am trying something different: setting goals for myself. That may sound silly to anyone who has already been accustomed to doing such, but it truly is a new concept for me. Growing up, I was never really pushed to do/be anything. I was smart and a good kid, so I think it was just assumed that I'd be alright. I didn't know what I wanted for myself because I didn't know the possibilities.

Fast forward to present, and I can honestly say that this is the FIRST time in my life that I've set intentions & goals for my future. And I mean actionable/measurable outcomes, not vague stuff like "be a better person". So when you see me do a report-back on a new accomplishment, just know it was probably on my list! Speaking of lists, here are some birthday gifts I would more than graciously accept!


This was the school I had the pleasure of visiting while in Ghana. I am still connected with them and will be returning hopefully next year!

2. Send me a book! (click to see my wishlist)

What can I say? I got literary goals!

You can review "Emergence" on Amazon, but it'll cost less to buy it from my website ;-)

4. Food!

I accept all gift cards, free meals, homemades, and the like!


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