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What I've Been Writing Lately

I completed my second Grind challenge in January which, if you've never done one, is amazing and terrible. It's basically a month-long feat where a group of writers hold each other accountable to write something every day. It is definitely a beautiful process because it can pull forth some gems that otherwise would've stayed earthed. But on those days when you're TAPPED and tired, it can be grueling!

Here's one of the pieces that came from Day 27 of the challenge:


after i have out’ed my ins

and made bare my cover-ups

you will still not be satisfied.

you will see these unnatural gifts

try not to fall out of their own context

and look behind them for the ‘more’.

i will frantically tell my keep-quiets

in hopes of supplementing all the

soft and pulsing things.

you will tell me to get my shit together


but they will no longer be mine

and you won’t want them so they

won’t be yours either. and i will

try not to regret the giving part of it all

but your discontent will have

far more hollow places to echo inside me.

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