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All Kinds of Updates!

First of all- Lemme update you on this new short I've been working on for my upcoming exhibit, "My Bae: America". I enlisted the talented Adera G., a local theatre artist looking to transit to film acting, to be the main character in this project and she did NOT disappoint! Her and Anthony R. (videographer from "Looking Glass v. Self") brought my vision to life!

Also! I had my first radio interview through my Jack Straw Writer program! Daemond Arrindell, our cohort curator, hit me with some thought-provoking questions. Be on the lookout for that link soon!

Myself, and two colleague-friends (Jolyn GC and AO Hamer) flew to Chi-town to present at the 18th Self-Employment in the Arts conference! We imparted some gems related to how to "eat" (or make money/survive) as an artist to a group of promising young creators.

Copies of "Emergence" were on deck, AAAAAAND no limbs were lost to the Chicago cold!

And last but not least....I'm heading to AWP! For those who were like me last year that didn't know what the AWP conference was, it is basically the place to be for writers, publishers, and the like. All the lit things! Another writer recommended I attend, so I took a leap of faith and bought my registration within a week of speaking to her. I'll be taking a new manuscript, so

I'm excited to learn about this whole process! Wish me luck!

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