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Wonder of Women!

I finally have the opportunity to sit down and write about how beautiful my experience was at Wonder of Women Presents "Resurrection Wonder".

I was present at the first event and remember being so awe-struck at the women who took the stage to share their stories, as well as the audience that received them with acknowledgment and love. When Mrs. V invited me to share a poem at this year's event, I agreed immediately(even though I'm not a fan of writing custom pieces lol)!

The morning of the event, I was feeling drained and didn't know how I was gonna bring energy to that stage. It was raining, I was lugging my merch around on the bus to save money, then when I got a Lyft the driver drove AWAY from me until I cancelled the trip. AND it started hailing! I walked through the doors later than I'd planned to be, colder than I'd wanted to be, and TIRED.

But there was something about the magic of the women in the building that fed me. I felt more present and energized the longer I was surrounded by them. There was a part in the poem I read that mentioned being strengthened and supported by your sisters, and nothing rang more true for me than that line. I left that building happier and lighter than when I walked in, and I can only hope the audience experienced the same feeling.

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