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Things Got A Li'l Sexy...

I got an invite to participate in the 2018 Seattle Erotic Arts Festival and was immediately on board! Erotic arts + poetry? Come on, no question on if I'm down. So I began to think about another aspect of intimacy that wouldn't be your first association, and, being the enthusiast I am, I chose food. I think the process of feeding/ providing sustenance to someone can be an incredibly sexy thing.

So I took that idea and decided to bring poetry and food together to illustrate intimacy. I enlisted the help of dope local chef, Tarik A. (who also made an appearance in the Royaltee project) and pitched my idea to him. He accepted the challenge and designed a special menu that he would be assembling live while I read custom poems matching the dishes. All I'll say about that menu is.....rose caramel.

It was a steamy event as Chef fed some of the audience members samples of the dishes they watched come to life in real time. And I finally got to practice using my bedroom voice on a mic ;-) Good times all around!

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