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The days are counting down until the exhibit "My Bae: America" displays. I hadn't realized that the show would be taking place the day after Independence Day until after all the plans were in place. I think it is fitting however to take a step back from the celebration and examine our respective situations in the US. For any who are unfamiliar, MBA is an exhibit examining the relationships between marginalized groups and a personified America, attempting to answer the question "If I were dating America, what would our relationship look like?"

I developed this concept after having conversations with a friend (Blu) about the state of Black affairs in light of the many televised, publicized injustices occurring around the country. It became very clear in our discourse that considering the history of African Americans in the US, we had a very abusive relationship with the nation. Although we rarely equate person-to-institution dynamics to interpersonal ones, there were so many parallels between the Black experience and domestic violence signs.

In thinking of my own relationship I started to wonder what other people's would mirror. I'm aware that the American experience is vastly different depending on the economic, racial, religious, or educational status of the person. In an effort to provide more dialogue and healing around this subject, I wanted to use art as a conduit. I also felt it important to include stories that weren't mine as well. So with that said, I hope to see & share with you at Flutter Studios on the 5th of July!

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