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All Kinds of Updates!


So, I agreed to participate in the Center on Contemporary Art's Marathon & Auction for the second year! If you read the post I wrote about my experience last year, you already know this will be a CHALLENGE. Myself and many other talented artists will be staying up for 24 hours to create pieces that will be auctioned off that same evening. It's an incredibly vulnerable process, and I'm ready but not reeeeeally ready!

I'll be vending, for the second year as well, at the Seattle Urban Book Expo on the 25th of this month. If you haven't gotten your copy of Emergence, don't worry! I'll some for you ;-) Plus, the money I get from sales of my book help to fund my upcoming manuscript. So it is way more appreciated than you know!

My new animated short film, Respek, is complete! I've been bursting at the seems holding on to this one. Make sure you're on my email list to get the first look at this project!

Also, did I tell you I went to Jamaica? I had the opportunity to officiate a vowel renewal ceremony for a close friend. It's not like I was gonna turn it down! Check out a few pics below...

There are more things that I'm leaving out, so make sure to stay connected with my Facebook or Instagram highlights for the updates!

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