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New Milestone!

I am uber excited! You excited?! Here, have some of my excitement! Why am I so excited? Because, y'all! PROGRESS!

I was invited to participate in a large-scale public art project in Bellevue, WA. First off, Bellwether (a 10-day multi-disciplinary art experience) has a stellar line-up of artists! I took a peak at the names of artists who'd be contributing and I am so honored to be a part of this.

Second off, this is my first piece of public art! There aren't a huge number of opportunities for writers to participate in public art calls, so when I was asked to write something to re-purpose the old movie marquee in a plaza, I was on it! In the research portion of this project, I learned some interesting facts about the history and population of Bellevue. I decided to incorporate that new-found knowledge into the poem that will be featured in Compass Plaza.

The Bellwether art experience will commence on September 14th and you have until the 23rd to check out my piece! If you swing by Bellevue, snap a pic and tag me!

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