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This year I went back for take two of the CoCA 24-hour marathon & auction...

It was such a growing experience!

Leading up to the event I had a lot of anxiety around an idea I had for one of the artworks I wanted to create. It was a complicated wood piece that I wanted to paint in a complicated way; I felt incredibly unsure about it because I'm not a painter! The other two pieces would be chapbooks, which I was completely comfortable with, but this wood piece was putting me through it! So thinking back to a session I'd had with my spiritual advisor about vulnerability, I began telling my close friends what I was feeling. Surprisingly, the more I expressed it, the less daunting it felt.

Eventually it dawned on me to focus on the pieces I was confident in (the chapbooks) and, if there was time, play around with the wood piece. That simple decision to play on my strengths instead of trying to excel in a weaker area took a load of pressure off of me.

Fast forward to the art marathon- I created two special edition chapbooks of all new poems, then began working on the last piece. Although I didn't finish it in time, I did have two strong works that found new owners during the auction!

The entire experience was a lesson that I am soooo appreciative to have learned!


(I'll upload more pics as they come!)

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