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Film. Festival. Shawty.

I am humbled.

My short film "Royaltee" was chosen to screen in the Tacoma Film Festival that took place October 4-9 in the "No Time For Dreaming" segment. Get ready for a little story, because there was definitely one involved.

So I registered for Landmark forum the same weekend my short would be screening. Once I realized this, I was going to skip the screening since forum runs from 9am to 10pm. However, about a week before the festival I decided I wanted to leave the forum a couple hours early and make the 1 hour drive to the theatre. Sounds like a feasible plan, right? I thought so too. Except I didn't know just how much emotional energy Landmark would require of me. I cried more during that weekend than I've cried in a LONG TIME!

So here's little emotionally-distraught me, leaving the forum later than planned, lost, looking for the short-term rental I was going to drive there. I find the car, pick up my friend, and tell her "I don't think we're gonna make it in time..." After some strategizing, we decide to drive straight to the theatre without picking up our festival passes to see if they'd allow us entry. Luckily they did, but I missed seeing my short on the big screen! I was too grateful to be sad, so I enjoyed the rest of the films and answered a few questions in the Q&A section.

After it was all finished, the organizer thanked me for being a part of the festival. For some reason, her sincere gratitude has really stuck with me. I am humbled that my first major film screening was part of such a genuine, considerate festival!

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