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Year's End

This year was full of progress! A few of the things I highlighted in my newsletter (hop on that email list if you're not already on it!) were:

1. I was selected to be one of 12 Jack Straw Writers and it was amazing! Check out our podcasts or get the anthology from the Jack Straw website.

2. "My Bae: America" was a success! My first solo-curated exhibit went down with minimal complications and heeeeeella planning. If you weren't able to attend, check out some of the captures from the evening and our interview on KUOW here!

3. After a couple rejections, I have received the 2018 GAP Award from Artist Trust! I'll be using the award to fund the promotion of my latest short, "Respek."

4. And last, but not least- DiscovAR! I've been helping art-extraordinaire, Jolyn GC, build a platform to connect artists and collectors. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know. Dope things on the horizon!

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