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Where has the time gone?!

Omg, how did y’all let me go this long without updating? That’s crazy...

Well, quite a bit has happened! I had my first performance of the year at Washington Hall for Kitchen Sessions (pics below), had my whole life snatched and handed back to me in my self-expression and leadership class, started a fundraiser for The People’s School in Ghana, was featured alongside some other phenomenal artists in the CD Forum “Showing Out: Word and Shout” showcase, organized a pop-up as a part of Barry Johnson's "No Hard Feelings" showcase, and began the second run of "Queer Mama. Crossroads" play...

Also this happened! "Respek" screened at the International Pan African Film Festival in Cannes! It was the opening film and received great feedback from the audience. I almost cried, y'all! Check out some of the pics from the festival below.

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