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Take 2!

Last week someone donated to the fundraiser I began for The People's School. I was so grateful because it brought the project back into focus for me.

Recently, I've been going through some pretty big adjustments. I moved to a new apartment, bought a bunch of "new apartment things", left my job of six years (but not before some drama popped off), started fleshing out my business offerings, and started a relationship. Through all of it, I felt like I wasn't dedicating the time and energy necessary to keep the fundraiser going.

When I opened my email and saw the notification that we'd received a donation from someone I didn't even know, I got a little emotional. It reminded me that this project can make a tangible difference for the kids at People's School. It reminded me that this is something worth picking back up.

With that said, I'm going to give myself more time to do it justice. TAKE 2, Y'ALL! $100,000 raised for The People's School by July 31, 2020!

If you have any skills you'd like to contribute or would like to donate (it's tax deductible), let me know!!!

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