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What happens when we, as a society, undergo a common trauma?

Inspired by the affect of the trans-Atlantic slave trade in West Africa, this project revolves around the idea of a group or collective trauma and its symptoms. The telltale signs of post-traumatic stress disorder from an individual perspective have become more popularized, but how would those symptoms manifest within a society? Is there an equivalent for self-destructive behavior, apathy, anxiety, and other symptoms on a larger scale? Can the "body" of a people be represented by the land they inhabit? On the heels of a global pandemic and pervasive legacy

of colonialism, artist Kamari Bright draws parallels between the individual and the collective well-being. This project aims to take the first step of awareness in the trek toward collective healing- elevating the wisdoms and technologies of the people of the global majority.

Join me for the first look at the videopoem-in-progress and inspiration behind the concept on October 5th, from 6:30-8pm PT at Wa Na Wari. Admission is free; RSVP is strongly encouraged via the link below. Donations are also welcomed here and will go toward the continued research and expansion of this work.

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